TPS Products has been a dynamic market leader for the past decade in providing high quality optical mounting gear for the Military, Law Enforcement and NATO countries.  We continually strive to build the highest quality products right here in the United States with hard working American labor.

We have a very large array of mounting hardware and because of that, being able to properly provide the detailed information to our customers has always been a challenge.  We know that you as a customer need to be able to quickly find and determine if a specific product or products will work for your specific application and get on with your business, not to be hampered with a clumsy and overburdened website platform.

We also realize that after the sale, you need to be able to get quick and concise information regarding your current order and even past orders, so we have been working to provide all of those things into our latest website design.

One of the most difficult things that we encounter here at TPS is getting the necessary information that our customers require in a timely manner, which is always a challenge for companies, especially a direct manufacture such as ourselves.

We have become unique it seems over the years, that in fact we actually manufacture 100% of all of our products right here in-house.  Whereas, many companies today buy products from overseas and then have sales and shipping staff handle incoming orders and orders being shipped out, we actually manufacture our products.

Rather that many companies today, where 85% of staffing is handling orders and shipping, we have 85% of our staff manufacturing products to go to folks like you.  To be competitive in the marketplace, as we have been and will continue to do, we have to be very ingenuitive how we handle customer service.

We are hoping that with our large investment into our online resources that we are bringing into play, it will greatly enhance you, our customer’s experience when you choose to research or purchase our products.

We are also working hard to provide our Dealers with an  easy Portal that they can purchase products in an accurate and quick manner and have accurate information as to where there order is and when they can expect their order with direct connections to the shipping manifest.

Advanced Search We have implemented a very unique search Alogorithm that has been custom built just for our product line.  Now you can search for products using an extremely logical approach.

Advanced Search is a perfect solution for searching through hundreds of similar scope rings and rails that we offer.  Having to search through hundreds of similar looking products can be a daunting task, but now it’s as easy as a couple of clicks of a mouse and you have exactly what your looking for.  If you decide that you changed your mind, you can simply de-select on of your previous filters and you are immediately updated with your new search results

Product Search

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