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Precision By Design, The Words We Live By..

Our Slogan, “Precision By Design” is more than just a slogan, it is who we are.¬† When we approach a product, we design, engineer, and manufacturer it from the ground-up with the concept of being able to mass produce the product while maintaining the extreme close-tolerance of the required aspects of the part.

If we find features of a part that won’t lend itself to being able to maintain tolerancing through the machining processes, we go back to the drawing boards and modify the part(s) until we achieve a product that meets not only the necessary functionality¬†and aesthetics but also an ability to maintain the precision tolerancing throughout the manufacturing¬†process.

Our Capabilities

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TPS Products Highlights

First In The Industry
We were the very first company in the world to offer 7075-T651 Aluminum Rings to the Mass Market.
Zero-Cant Ring Design
We’re the first ones who designed and developed the unique feature of the Zero-Cant rings. The ability to clamp the rings completely on one side and while allowing to align the reticle before clamping the other side of the ring.
Incredibly Accurate
With our proprietary design and manufacturing techniques, it allows us to maintain less than 2/10,000 of an inch roundness on our ring bores.
Extreme Beauty
Although our rings are incredibly strong, we take great pride in the sheer cosmetic appeal of our product line.
Modular In Design
All of our products are designed to be modular and capable of component interchangeability at every possible opportunity.
Extreme Diversity
We offer the most diversified line of Scope Rings and mounts in the world. From 1 Inch to 40mm and every size and height in-between.


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